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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
So funny story...

I get an email, subject heading "Chaos Chronicles" from a gentleman named Jeffrey Carver. As it turns out, he is the author of a series of sci-fi books collectively entitled "The Chaos Chronicles", and published by Tor. "Uh oh!" I think. "Time to get sued!"

Luckily, Jeffrey Carver turned out to be a nice guy who is just as bothered by coincidental name repetitions as I am. Over the course of our communications, we discovered that "Chaos Chronicles" is also the name of a band, a parenting guide, and a Swedish performance art troupe. Weird.

Anyway, check out his books.
posted by Andrew at 11:14 AM  

Jeffrey A. Carver said...

Hi Andrew! My daughter just found your note and the link to my Chaos books. Thanks! But as luck would have it, I changed the URL probably about the day after you put that up. The correct link is now:

Thanks again!

Jeff Carver

1:53 AM  

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